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Pedigree Adult Meat Rice 3 kg Dry Dog Food


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Pedigree Adult Meat Rice 3 kg Dry Dog Food


Featuring many nutrients, such as Omega 6, Zinc, Calcium, Phosphorous and dietary fibres essential for your dog’s proper growth, the Pedigree Adult Meat and Rice dog food will keep your pet healthy and happy. It is good for your dog’s fur, bones, teeth, digestive tract and muscles. Not only that, it also boosts your canine’s immunity.

Product Description

Giving your beloved dog the right nutrition is as important as giving him/her a treat. And, that’s what this product from Pedigree helps you do. Rich in vitamin E and protein, this packet of dog food helps strengthen your dog’s immune system and his/her muscles, so he/she is healthy and your walks are longer.


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